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The Mail Group has the solutions your company needs to meet its Green Initiatives!

We strive to do our part in helping our customers meet their eco-friendly goals and objectives while also reaching our own goals of improving the world’s eco-health.  That’s why we have invested in multiple new eco-responsible options associated with the mailing and delivery services we provide.


If you’re a publisher or printer with subscribers residing outside of the U.S., you may know that traditional PolyWrap around each publication is the standard requirement to ensure delivery and preserve the original quality of your piece upon delivery. Now The Mail Group offers BIO-DEGRADABLE PolyWrap!  This poly also includes a light stamp–letting your recipients know it is 100% biodegradable–ensuring zero long-term effects on the environment. This has the benefit of reducing calls from subscribers making inquiries about the environmentally safe nature of publications they receive from you. Click here to contact us to learn more!
PolyWrap Light Stamp

TMG BIOPOLY Highlights

      • Fully biodegrades
      • Compatible with existing recycling operations worldwide
      • Visually indistinguishable from traditional, non-degradable poly
      • So safe it’s rated as food-contact compliant in the U.S., Europe, and Canada!

Fully Recyclable Paper Enveloping

If you want a fully recyclable option and don’t mind covering up the mail piece, The Mail Group offers a 100% recyclable paper enveloping option for your flats.  And our efficient operation ensures attractive pricing for paper enveloping.  Click here to contact us to learn more!

Print-on-Piece or White Label Addressing

For all your Canada-addressed mail and to add virtually no additional environmentally impactful elements to your piece, choose TMG’s Print-On-Piece addressing.  We’ll put the address directly into the white block area of your piece. Alternatively, TMG can apply an ultra-adhesive removable label with the address to your piece. This magic label can easily be removed upon delivery so the full and unobstructed view of your piece is restored!  Click here to contact us to learn more!

TMG Sustainable Solutions Flyer

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The Mail Group is committed to helping improve the world’s environmental health one mail piece at a time!