The document (our consignment note) which governs the carriage of goods by air.  Acts as a dispatch note and delivery receipt. 

Used for sea freight consignments, prepared by the freight forwarder or shipping line. The original normally has to be presented to the shipping line at the destination to obtain release of the goods (document of title) May appear on paperwork as B/L.

A customs declaration form to be used for import and export of postal packets.

Is the basic statement of the seller to the buyer for payment of the goods shipped. It is one of the primary documents used by Customs for control, collection, valuation of goods, import licenses, etc.

Delivery address/receiver of the consignment.

Seller is responsible for delivering the goods to the buyer, and pays all costs in bringing the goods to the destination including import duties and taxes.

The seller pays for carriage to the named place, except for costs related to import clearance. Duties & Taxes are collected from consignee.

Dim = Dimensional. A formula for calculating what weight will be charged for the package based on it’s dimensions.

A tax imposed by a government on merchandise imported from another country.  Duties are most commonly based upon HS codes (category of goods), declared values, and country of origin.

A consignment is delivered to the consignee with no charges to be paid by them, including duties and taxes.

The harmonized code system (HS) is an international method of classifying products for trading purposes.  This classification system is used by customs officials around the world to determine duties, taxes and regulations that apply to the products entering the country. HTS refers to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, the actual list of categories and headings. An HS Code is a 10 digit number. The first 6 digits of an HS code are standardized across the world.

Priority airmail service specifically designed by the USPS for volume mailings. Available for all types of mail including invoices, bank statements, publications and product.

Bulk mailing system providing fast, economical delivery of publications, advertising mail, catalogs, directories, books and product.

Customer who has been security checked by a listed agent, for carriage of goods by air.

Defined as direct sacks of printed matter weighing over 2 kg. (4.4 lb) sent to a single foreign addressee at a single addressee.  Only available via postal delivery channels.

The fastest USPS parcel delivery service to international destinations IMEX offers. Includes full tracking, and duties and taxes mail be collected by local delivery agent upon delivery to final mile consignee.  

An economical USPS parcel delivery service to international destinations.Tracking available for many countries, and duties and taxes may be collected by local delivery agent upon delivery to final mile consignee.