Marketers are Excited about the USPS ‘Informed Delivery’ Program

Go to: USPS Informed Delivery

An excellent tool for marketers and consumers! “Informed delivery” is available — at no cost to postal customers, for customers to track their mail the day it hits the mailbox. The USPS takes a digital picture of each piece of mail and sends the pictures to the customer’s’ email. The Postal Service processes millions of pieces of mail each day, its machines already take images as letters are scanned through. Those images of letters and cards now are being used in the USPS’s new Informed Delivery program.

Customers who sign up for Informed Delivery receive a morning email that contains images of letters they can expect that day or the next. Notifications are only sent to email on days when mail is being processed and delivered to the home. The images show the exterior of the mail, not anything inside.

Potential users favor the program for several reason:

  • It provides customers a tool for identifying when they are victims of mail theft.
  • It lets them know when an important letter is available for pickup
  • It allows mailers who use testing subjects to confirm when sales pieces hit customer’ mailboxes.

Mailers can participate in Informed Delivery Campaigns by providing color images of mailpieces along with links to related digital content. Recipients can access these links from their daily USPS email notifications.

With an estimated two million using the program and 10,000 per day signing up, the program seems likely to succeed.